Sei stets auf dem neuestem Stand, was in der Bierstube los ist.

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Ob neue Veranstaltungen, Fussballübertragungen oder fetzige Konzerte – versäume nichts.

Who wants to climb the Kampäropurna again? The tastiest mountain from this side of the Alps. We offer three sandwiches with mayo, fresh salad, tomato slices, dried fried onions, cheese for you to choose as a base camp 😉 : – Pork: Sweet ham, marinated Schweine minutensteak and Bacon. – Chicken BBQ: Deepfried, breaded chicken stripes in BBQ marinade. – Avocado: Deepfried, breaded and slightly spicy avocado wedges. The best sandwich you’ll ever have costs only 5.30€ and goes with fries… will you pass on this amazing opportunity?

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Well, well, well… 0ºC outside, the whole day at the uni… What a wonderful world huh? Forget about your sorrow and enjoy the match: Germany vs France today at 20:45h in Die Bierstube. We have Maultaschen Münchner Art for only 4.90€ and enough beer to put out your thirst so, what are you waiting for?

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Have you already eaten but you are thinking about having dinner? Today we have Cheese Sparrows…. wait, what?! Well, it sound better in Bayrisch: Kasspatz’n with roasted onions and lots and lots of cheese for only 4.90€. What’s the best companion for such a delicacy? A „Halbe“ from our „helles“ beer or a good glass of wine. Run before they „fly“ 😉

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All cold and wet outside and you’ve been freezing all day, huh?! Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. Let this little fella in the picture warm your heart and your soul from the inside. A freshly grilled meat or oatmeal burger with all the toppings you want for only 5,30€. You can even have some stripes of heartwarming bacon for only 50 cents more.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November. Today we have Schweineschnitzel in Dunkelbiersauce with Semmelknödel for only 4.90€! The best way to end the week, between friends and beer.

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Today we have planned a special day for you! La Band’a Joe will play again in the Bierstube, yuhuuuu!! To make it a perfect day, today we offer lasagne bolognese or spinachs lasagne for 5.30€. And after eating and pre-warming, the Disco throws the 90’s party! The best way to start the weekend…

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Hast du unsere neuen Schätze schon gesehen? Unsere Mannschaft sucht auch noch MitspielerInnen: Komm heute um 20:00 in die Bierstube zur konstituierenden Sitzung des Kickerausschusses!

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Dear living dead and survivors of all Halloween parties: Today we receive Movember with a Pumpking Strudel with ricota (vegetarian or with meat) for 4.40€.

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Football : FC Porto – RB Leipzig @20:45 ✓ Chicken, Pork or Avocado Sandwich with fries for 5.30€ ✓ We put the beer, the entertainment and the food. You just need to be hungry… #justbierstublythings

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-Do you open on the 31st of October and on the 1st of November? -When will you offer the TEX-MEX-Lasagne again? -When will be Burgermontag again? The answer to these questions and some more in our Essenplan for November. #JustBierstubenThings

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